Nissan Sileighty Hit and Run version

Oh well, not so much active here, one of the main reasons are most likely the team JDM-Studio works :P. Anyway, guess i should show the Hit and Run Sil80 here too, it's a collab with Flash. He done the fender, spoiler, sunroof, engine bay, kouki lights and more which i forgot, anyway it isnt done yet, just showing cause many people like it, so here it is:

That's petty much it, thanks to MrZasen for support and Kiyoshi for helping with the model, oh and also the rear fender.
Lamborghini Aventador (Flash birthday gift)

Soon more news of the Aventador, but for now it will stay W.I.P
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Thanks for 30.000 views!

PS. I joined JDM-StudioWorks, make sure to follow the team!