Dazeworkshops Sil80 Remake

CREDITS Tatsuo for lights MODIFUKER (SAMI) for faldon Dazeworkshop for the awesome insparation Me for converting front bumper from FM3 Adams, Arnis and Nismo for Sil80. tom2 for interior More pics soon... I've got Arnis's and Nismo's permission. Im still waiting for Adams` ;( - - UPDATE: I've got Adams permission 1-2weeks ago

Yuta Akaishi's Datsun 240Z Shakotan S30 Remake

Nothing much to do... Low poly car, so well just enjoy pics
CREDITS Thanks to 41Aeimi for model.

Simple Nissan Sileighty.

Original Aurthor: Vinetuxx, edited by me.
Credits: Flash for rims Pex for front bumper MitakoBG for exhaust Vinetuxx ofc :D