Datsun 240Z!

Hey everybody! xD. Heres my friend LowerStance(Fumiyan)'s 240z!


S13 :o

working on this s13 for a friend ;]

Sil80 Entry car for USD, (Denied)

Nissan Sil80, credits goes to:
Sami for 240sx 94 stock base model
Easyman for his stock Nissan Silvia S13.
The car has;
Tinted lights
Bodykit converted by me from FM4
License plates
New wipers
Exhaust by MitakoBG
Tinted windows
Camber wheels
New steering wheel and seats and rollcage
Roof spoiler
RB26DET engine
Tatsuo's s13 lights..

Thats pretty much it sorry if i forgot anyone!!

cya ;]


Nissan 240SX


Nissan 240sx


Nissan Onevia


w.i.p. Soarer "StickerBomb Edition"

Credits: Sami (modifuker) for base model Flash for wheels. Google for stickerbomb picture ROFL xD. Cya!! :]

Nissan 180SX Type X

Hello all :) A samp drifter named Samuel requested this car and i made it! c: Pics is by him.
Credits: Nismo for S13 200SX, (fm4 model) converted to 180sx by me. Easyman and NFS: Shift for Type X parts. Samuel7 for idea and request.

Updates on 200SX:

Pop-up lights works perfectly now, thanks to my friend Danius for fixing it :D
Next to do in v2: Sunroof tilted (maybe new bodykit) fixed doors Picture of the back:
And..... 9100 views yaaaaaaay! thanks guys ! :D

200sx v2

doing v2.. new 200sx has; retextured interior; retextured body; pop-up headlights and more will come soon! xd
cya!.. :]